Hi, I’m Alison!

A wife, homeschooling mom to two amazing boys, photographer, and pediatric occupational therapist.

For over a decade, I worked in the NICU, where I witnessed the profound desire of parents to connect with their little ones.

Through occupational therapy, I helped make that connection possible.

Today, I continue to create connections, this time through my camera, preserving fleeting moments in beautiful books and wall art.

As a mother, I know the importance of being in part of the picture…

I carry a special place in my heart for my daughter, Charlee Jane, whom I lost. I wish I had more pictures from that time. That’s why I’m here to help you capture your unique story and connections.


What truly inspires me…

Is capturing the genuine moments in people’s lives, focusing on prompts over poses. If needed, I’ll provide simple prompts to help you engage and connect authentically.


My sessions

Are relaxed and easygoing. Whether we’re in my studio or another location, you’ll find a warm, welcoming atmosphere with coffee, water, and snacks. My goal is to create a comfortable environment where you can savor those special moments and connections with your loved ones.


There is something magical

About slow mornings for me, especially when I can escape to the outdoors and bask in the morning sunlight with a steaming cup of coffee in hand.

My love for the great outdoors runs deep, and it all started during my time at Appalachian State University when I fell in love with the mountains. Hiking, camping, and snowboarding quickly became my go-to activities, and I’m always eager to embrace adventure.

Recently, I’ve added a new thrill to the mix – playing pickleball. Trust me, it’s an absolute riot!

I wish I had more pictures from that time…


Let’s Chat!

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